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If you are planning for weight loss, diabetic diet, renal diet, low cholestrol diet in Greater Noida then consult best Dietitian/Nutriontist Shivi Srivastava. “She is a leading Nutritionist/Dietician in Greater Noida and is famous for dietary/nutrition solutions in Delhi NCR.Ultimate Diet Clinic also provides online diet consultation as per your requirement.

Mr Anand (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

My experience with Shivi is really great. Without changing much from my diet in terms of food I eat, she created a plan that has all the nutrition value required.
I reached out to her when I was 84 kg and right now my weight is 77. in just 1.5 months , I am able loose 7 kgs that too in lockdown when u can't do much of excercise.
My defination of dieting has now completely changed as earlier it was just starving and now it's healthy eating. Sometime you need a proper guidance to achieve a goal,
and for me that's her...not achieved my final goal yet but i think I can do it.

Aashfa Ahsan (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

I came across Shivi Ma'am's Ultimate Diet Clinic via a lot of word of mouth. I had ignored the repercussions of (the excess weight gain) frantic work hours and stress for too long hence joined the four month course for diet consultation. And it was phenomenal. It's been two months to the course and I've lost almost 8 kgs. Shivi Ma'am is a great listener and a very approachable person. She answered all my doubts and questions regarding the diet plan. The diet chart is prepared as per your needs and all the raw material is easily available in your pantry. She has been really motivating through out. I would definitely recommend her clinic to anyone looking for diet consultation for weight loss. Its an amazing experience hands down.

Deepak Saxena (Visited For Weight Loss Diet Counseling)

I would like to thanks Shivi Srivastava from bottom of my heart for helping/guiding me in losing 14 kg weight within a span of 4-5 months. She just not helped me in weight loss but also mentally because the journey of weight loss begins with your mind. She made me realize that when person is stressed he cannot control his eating habits.
One of the most important thing which I had experienced, she doesnot provide any strict diet plan but then also she is able to achieve perfect results.

Vaibhav Srivastava (Visited For Nutritional education)

Hi guys. I underwent a four month course with Dr. Shivi Srivastava for weight loss, during which i lost 7 kg weight. She is a very approachable person who listens closely to whatever you say and plans your diet and work plan accordingly. She is an experienced doctor who always recommends the best possible diet. The diets that she provides are according to your comforts and tastes. Believe me, you dont have to loose on the taste part of your meal. I would recommend her to everyone who are looking for well planned diet control and weight loss as my experience with her has been amazing.