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Dt. Shivi Srivastava

Shivi Srivastava Ms. Shivi Srivastava is a highly qualified professional, holding a postgraduate degree in Food and Nutrition along with a graduation in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. Her dedication to promoting health and well-being extends both online and through face-to-face consultations, where she helps numerous individuals attain and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Shivi's approach to health and wellness revolves around the delicate balance of diet and exercise, recognizing that both components are essential for achieving successful results. She strives to educate her clients on the importance of incorporating healthy eating habits and regular physical activity into their daily lives. Shivi's expertise lies in crafting personalized diet plans tailored to each individual's unique goals and requirements.

As an experienced nutritionist in Noida, Shivi always emphasizes the importance of creating diet plans that align with her clients' lifestyles. Whether it's considering office or home routines, meal preferences, or dietary habits, she guides her clients with the motto: "Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can." This holistic and individualized approach ensures that her clients are well-equipped to embark on their journey towards improved health and well-being.

The growth of Ultimate Diet Clinic has been solely fueled by the trust and recommendations of our valued clients. Our primary goal is to offer exceptional service to all clients. That's why Ms. Shivi Srivastava personally engages with clients, addressing their inquiries and showing genuine interest in their weight loss and wellness journeys.

At Ultimate Diet Clinic, our focus goes beyond just shedding pounds. We prioritize addressing underlying health issues associated with obesity. In addition to weight management, we provide comprehensive solutions for conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, liver disorders, common ailments such as high uric acid, blood pressure irregularities, hyperacidity, high cholesterol, and even lean muscle mass development, or what's commonly known as bodybuilding. Whatever your health concern, we have a natural, homemade diet plan to help you prevent it and achieve optimal well-being.