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Dt. Shivi srivastava is a professional Sports Dietitian in Noida having 14+ years of experience. We are known as Best Sports Diet Consultant in Noida. So, You can visit Top Most Verified Sports Diet Clinic in Noida. Book Appointment Online for Sports Diet in Noida.


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Sports Nutrition Consultation

Sports nutrition is essential for athletes of all levels. It involves a deeper understanding of macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration, and supplementation.

1. Carbohydrates: The body's primary energy source, vital for endurance sports.
2. Proteins: Crucial for muscle repair and growth.
3. Fats: Provide energy for low to moderate-intensity activities.


Vitamins and minerals are essential for overall health and body function.


Proper hydration is crucial for performance.

Planning the Athlete's Diet

Determining energy needs, carbohydrate loading, protein intake, and meal timing are key factors in diet planning.

Special Considerations in Sports Nutrition

  • Endurance Sports: Focus on energy and hydration.
  • Strength and Power Sports: Prioritize protein intake.
  • Team Sports: Address recovery, energy balance, and hydration.
  • Youth Sports: Support growth and development.
  • Female Athletes: Manage unique nutritional challenges.

  • Advanced Topics
  • Nutritional Periodization: Adjusting the diet based on training cycles.
  • Gut Health: Understanding its impact on performance.
  • Supplements: Use with caution.

  • Recovery Nutrition

    Supports muscle repair, glycogen replenishment, and injury prevention.

    The Future of Sports Nutrition

    Continual research promises innovative approaches to enhance performance and health.

    Sports nutrition is essential for athletes, focusing on macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration, and planning individual diets. Special considerations address different sports and athlete categories. Recovery nutrition supports muscle repair and injury prevention. Ongoing research promises a dynamic future for sports nutrition.