About Constipation


is a condition in which, hypermotilityof the sigmoid colon increases resistance to movement of intestinal content, consequently there is distention and infrequent pr difficult evacuation of faeces from the Intestine.

Factors for constipation-
1- Faulty dietary habits.
2- Organic disorders such as diverticulosis.
3- Ingestion of drugs.
4- Changes in one’s usual routine brought by illness nervous tension.
5- Formula fed infants have more chances of getting constipation than breastfeed infants.
6- In young child constipation is sometimes due to emotional upset.

Dietary considerations-
• The intake of dietary fibre should be increased by eating whole cereals and consult fruits and vegetables.
• Fluid intake if 8-10 glasses/day
• Coarse bran has capacity of 6gm water /g of fiber.

Dietary management-
• Energy- Energy intake depends on height and weight of individual as per RDA.
• Protein- Protein as per RDA i.e. 1.5 g/ kg body weight.
• Fat- Fats should be provided interm of MCT’s
• Carbohydrate- Plenty of fruits rich in cellulose unrefined cereals which contain bran.
• Fibre- A fibre high diet.
• Minerals- Potassium in form of vegetable soups ,fruit juice.
• Fluid- About 8-10 glasses/day is suggested.